Three Crowns School

Most rural schools in South Africa struggle immensely with inadequate access to water and sanitation. As such, the use of pit latrines is commonplace. Such facilities quickly become unhygienic and pollute the ground water substantially.

The Three Crowns School is located in the remotest Eastern Cape Drakensberg. The school had pit latrines, no electricity, and used very expensive LPG or firewood to cook meals for the learners. 


In July 2010 Finishes of Nature Installed an

Integrated Biogas and Algal Pond System at Three Crowns School


Key Outcomes:


  • Dignified ‘off-grid’ sanitation solution for the rural school;
  • Biogas energy used to cook 150 daily school meals from onsite food gardens;
  • Saving the school +- R1000 per month in LPG;
  • Provides algal biofertilzer to enhance food production;
  • Provides a practical life science laboratory for the demonstration of environmental biotechnology by learners;
  • Provides a platform for demonstration of renewable energy to the local community;
  • Improved school attendance; staff motivation and loyalty;
  • Improved public health through improved sanitation and improved nutrition for children in the community;
  • Winner of seven local and international awards;
  • They are currently investigating the possibility to sell the excess gas;